English Grammar Exercises on Nouns and Pronouns

English Grammar Exercises on Nouns and Pronouns If you have read all of the earlier 15 posts in this site, then you are ready for these English grammar exercises. Test your knowledge and be a grammar expert. You may review your nouns and pronouns first before you continue with the exercises. English Grammar Exercises Part […]

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what is a conjunction glue in sentences

What is a Conjunction?

What is a Conjunction? Connecting Words in Sentences If vowels are the glue in words, then conjunctions are the glue in sentences. Sentences are made of several words and one wonder about the magical force that connects them. We are now about to conclude our study of the parts of speech and we come to […]

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what is a preposition usage

What is a Preposition?

What is a Preposition? Expressing Relationships of Words Our study of the different parts of speech cannot be complete without learning about prepositions. In truth, we have been using prepositions all the time in our everyday speech. Common prepositions like at or in seem to imply a particular position or location. However, there are more […]

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what is a paragraph building ideas

What is a Paragraph?

What is a Paragraph? Organizing Thoughts to Good Writing Writing can be likened to building a house. You have to put up your pillars or foundations first to make your house strong. When it comes to writing, you build your thoughts by using paragraphs. This is why for many writers and readers, the paragraph is […]

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what is a sentence

What is a Sentence?

What is a Sentence? Expressing Thoughts that Make Sense. For sure, we always have something to say about anything. This is why blogging is so popular. However, in sharing our ideas, sentences are very important because these are our thoughts arranged in a way that make sense to the people we are addressing them to. […]

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common nouns everywhere

What is a Common Noun?

What is a Common Noun? Labels for General Things. Our common speech is all about labeling things as well as expressing our thoughts. Before we even developed an understanding of language, we have been labeling things particularly things that we need. This is why babies’ first words are often common nouns like mom, dad, milk, […]

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what is a linking verb connects

What is a Linking Verb?

  What is a Linking Verb? Connecting Words in Sentences The strongest link in a sentence may be the word that connects all the other words in a sentence. This is what a linking verb does, connecting the subject to the rest of the sentence. However, unlike our initial understanding of a verb as performing […]

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what is a subject star actor

What is a Subject?

What is a Subject? The Stars and Actors in Sentences A sentence is complete when you have something to talk about and a doer to perform an action. In short, you need to have an actor to do the action or a star to talk about. Hence, a sentence would always have a subject, which […]

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how to write a paragraph

How to Write a Paragraph?

How to Write a Paragraph? Articulating Thoughts into Words You may easily say your opinions on things, but writing your thoughts down and articulating it into words may pose a challenge. For many schoolchildren, writing a paragraph does not come easy. How to write a paragraph? It is not as hard as you think if […]

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topic sentence graphics

What is a Topic Sentence?

What is a Topic Sentence? Introducing Ideas in Paragraphs   We all use sentences in our everyday speech, but sentences serve more than just for conversation. There are many kinds of sentences to provide a specific purpose. Here we will learn about the importance of a topic sentence, which is used to introduce ideas in […]

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